With the legalization of Cannabis in Canada, there is a new trend that is slowly taking over the cannabis packaging scene. Designer packaging with crazy artwork and cool designs seems to be the hot trend. Which begs the question….Bags or Buds?

What is more appealing what is in the bag or the cool bag you got your flower in? The worst thing is that you never really know what you will be getting. The cool designs and artwork catch the eye and have the buyer believing that what is in the bag is the best flower money can buy. 

The reality is that most of these amazing bags do not carry that amazing flower that you would expect. Low-grade flowers in high-grade expensive packaging can easily fool any newcomer to the cannabis scene. 

Dealers are using this new packaging to sell low-quality flowers at ridiculous prices and in turn, fool people into believing that the flower in the bag is out of this world!!!! Always remember to check your cannabis before purchase and do not be fooled by high priced packaging or pretty artwork. Remember you are paying for cannabis, not the bag it comes in!!!!!

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