Diamond Concentrates

Diamond Concentrates

Diamond Concentrates

Diamond Concentrates are cannabis concentrates with a runny texture and significantly high terpene levels. Diamond Concentrates are a product of the process called the closed-loop system that allows the concentrate to settle in different pressures and temperatures. The closed-loop system allows the major cannabinoids to separate from the raw plant material naturally, and the Diamond Concentrate is then formed. This cannabis concentrate is known for high potency due to having major cannabinoid compounds and the natural process used to separate the major compounds from the fresh raw plant material.

Characteristics of a Diamond Concentrate

The diamond concentrate comes in many different sizes and shapes. But the size and shape of the diamond concentrate do not necessarily reflect the quality of effort exerted in the process of making it. During the process of the closed-loop system, while making the diamond concentrate, the presence of solvents and contaminants, temperature, moisture, and other chemical impurities affect the size and shape of the diamond concentrate.

The diamond concentrate can come in small to large chunks, depending on how the factors involved in the closed-loop system will affect its form. The diamond concentrate can crystallize in many forms when moisture, temperature, and chemical impurities act upon the extracted major cannabinoid compounds. The other variables present in the process, such as sterols, lipids, and terpenes, can also alter and impurify the crystallization of the diamond concentrate.

The overall structure of the diamond concentrate is a product of the interference of the chemical variables in the process of its sugar crystallization. The process is disrupted by the molasses, terpenes, and other compounds that are formed when the primary chemical compounds interfere in the crystallization of the diamond concentrate. The interference disrupts the crystallization of the diamond concentrate in different degrees.

The solvent can also alter the crystallization of the diamond concentrate. The solvent used in the extraction process may cause changes in the size and shape of the diamond concentrate. But the physical form of the diamond concentrate only reflects the process it had gone through to become such potent and crystallized cannabis concentrate. Its size and shape do not necessarily reflect its purity.

Diamond Concentrates

The Process of Making Diamond Concentrate

There are two main processes used to make the diamond concentrate. The first is the closed-loop system, where the solvent allows the major cannabis compound to naturally separate from the plant material. The solvent is then removed in the process, which leaves the pure and potent cannabis concentrate that becomes the diamond concentrate. Experts highly recommend the closed-loop system in making diamond concentrates. They suggest the process of purging off the solvent throughout the process. The slow purging off of the solvent allows the crystalline structure of the diamond concentrate to form.

On the other hand, the second process is the crystalline method which uses a mixture of solvent and highly refined cannabis concentrate. Heat is applied to this mixture, which evaporates the solvent and leaves the crystallized and potent diamond concentrate.

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