Oregon State Lab Study Finds Cannabis Compounds Prevent Infection By Covid-19 Virus – 2022

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Oregon State Lab Study Finds Cannabis Compounds Prevent Infection By Covid-19 Virus – 2022

Every day, thanks to advancements in modern medicine, we are learning more and more about the benefits of Cannabis and its many compounds.

Research across the world is finally revealing in the academic frontier the many medicinal, mental, and preventative benefits of Cannabis, particularly when taken as edibles or when vaporized to reduce the potentially harmful effects of smoking.

In our best effort to inform and promote the benefits of Cannabis, we are excited to report on recent breakthroughs in research related to Covid-19 in our current pandemic.

A recent study published this week by researchers affiliated with Oregon State University reveals that certain Cannabis compounds can prevent the virus that causes Covid-19 from entering human cells. 

The study was led by Richard van Breemen, a researcher with Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center in the College of Pharmacy and Linus Pauling Institute, in collaboration with scientists at the Oregon Health & Science University.

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Researchers have found that two cannabinoid acids naturally found in hemp varieties of cannabis, cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, also known as CBDA, can bind to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19. By binding to the spike protein, the compounds can prevent the virus from entering cells and causing infection, potentially offering new avenues to prevent and treat the disease.

This is an exciting breakthrough and will hopefully lead to much more funding and attention to Cannabis and the individual compounds within the herb for more thorough investigation. 

We can only hope science continues to prove the benefits of Cannabis that has been known and passed down through generations for centuries.

For more information on the topic, read the Forbe’s article on the same subject, “Study Finds Cannabis Compounds Prevent Infection By Covid-19 Virus“. 

At Canna-Express, we look forward to following progress in Cannabis science and believe in the power of our product wholeheartedly. 

We wish all of our customers a safe and healthy life with the mindful consumption of cannabis. Make sure you follow health protocols and choose a high-quality and safe Cannabis provider if you do choose to purchase.

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