Toronto Mushrooms Are Now Accessible Online

Toronto Mushrooms

Toronto Mushrooms Are Now Accessible Online

With the Toronto Board of Health unanimously approving the proposal of decriminalizing the use and personal possession of psychedelics within the city not too long ago, you may be wondering where is the easiest and most accessible way of getting your hands on some shrooms. Well, online, of course!
To learn more about shrooms in Toronto and how you can snag some yourself, then keep reading ahead!

Are Shrooms Legal In Toronto?

With over 3,000 different kinds of mushrooms scattered across the globe, there are a handful of species that have a chemical compound called “psilocybin” in them. These are what you call “magic mushrooms.” Let’s talk more about the compound later.

Here’s the thing, as mentioned earlier, the act of owning or using psychedelics has been decriminalized in the city. In fact, Health Canada has broadcasted the legalization of shrooms for exempted individuals.

There are certain facilities that allow the use of magic mushrooms as part of their healing therapy. To be more specific, there is a treatment called “psilocybin therapy” that utilizes shrooms to help with depression or terminal illness.

So while it’s not considered illegal anymore, Canadian law still has some restrictions when it comes to using this type of psychedelic.

What is Psilocybin?

Now you’ve read this term a bunch of times already in this article and are still unfamiliar with it, so we’re going to explain it to you.

If magic mushrooms were a dish, then its main ingredient would have to be psilocybin. This chemical component adds “magic” to mushrooms. Psilocybin is known to trigger a certain kind of serotonin receptor, which causes the individual to experience psychedelic effects. As soon as it enters the body, psilocybin breaks down into psilocin which acts as a serotonin receptor that helps in regulating mood.

The regulation of the mood and psychedelic effects enable the user to experience visual hallucinations and sensory enhancement. People have also described the feeling of being “one with humanity” whilst under the psychedelic’s influence.

Additionally, taking psilocybin has shown that there is an enhancement of communication within different parts of the brain that don’t normally engage with one another. This is why the level of communication between the neurons in the brain ends up being much higher once in contact with psilocin.

Sounds interesting? I bet you’re wondering what these mushrooms typically look like.

Psilocybin mushrooms have the physical appearance of long, slender stems topped with caps coated in dark brown edges. These mushrooms are often found growing in the feces of the cow. There are some poisonous mushrooms that look exactly like the psilocybin ones, so be careful. Don’t go eating random mushrooms in the forest just because they resemble magic shrooms.

Where to Buy Shrooms In Toronto

With the new laws in place, buying shrooms in Toronto isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Decriminalization does not mean that they are openly sold in dispensaries. There are just about a handful of dispensaries that are brave enough to sell mushrooms publicly since everyone is doing their best to be careful around this law.

And only having a few stores openly sell this nature’s treat also means that there are only a few people have the knowledge of where to purchase shrooms in person. However, finding a magic mushroom dispensary across Toronto is going to be difficult. Don’t you think it’s fate that brought you to this webpage today? You’re in luck because we’re here to help you get good quality shrooms in Toronto.

If you haven’t heard of Schedule35 yet, then you’re clearly missing out. They’re one of the trustworthy brands when it comes to selling mushrooms. This company understands the different benefits of shrooms to the body thanks to its credible sources. They’re also finding ways and simplifying the process of acquiring mushrooms for users.

The Different Benefits of Microdosing Mushrooms

The act of microdosing is basically consuming low amounts of a psychedelic substance. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, which we’ll explain later, so it essentially means taking in tiny doses of that hallucinogenic chemical.

There have been several studies that conducted magic mushrooms and microdosing. However, do keep in mind that these are self-reported, and much more research is appreciated. Either way, here are just a few (of the many) benefits of microdosing:

Improves Energy

After consuming psilocybin, there’s a likelihood of you getting an energy boost. This is because the chemical gives you stimulation of energy and a sense of alertness.

Reduces Anxiety

Psilocybin shares similar components as serotonin. This is why this chemical has been known for reducing depression and anxiety long-term. Since the mushroom acts in the serotonergic system, it’s possible for them to restore serotonin stability in the body.

Alleviates Depression

One study presented an improvement in PTSD and depression for people who take psychedelics in conjunction with psychological support. Naturally, this will result in the improvement of one’s mood. The individual becomes more self-aware and happier, with a calming and peaceful manifestation.

An individual with depression can have their brain activity described as “rigid and restricted,” and psilocybin has the potential of helping the brain get out of this rut in ways that traditional forms of therapy cannot break through.

Increases One’s Creativity

Long-term use of magic mushrooms can lead to lasting improvements in terms of one’s creative cognition. This study shared how their participants said that microdosing improved their mood and creativity.

Is it Safe to Microdose?

One’s safety should always be the first consideration when it comes to microdosing. It’s crucial for you to know that even though magic mushrooms come with benefits, taking the wrong dosage will garner dangerous side effects. Consuming this substance often without dosage is extremely harmful and not safe.

Stay away from consuming magic mushrooms if you have any present conditions, or they could worsen. There is currently a handful of reliable information on microdosing mushrooms, so those with any health issues must consult with a health professional first before engaging in it.

Microdosing is safe as long as you don’t consume an excessive amount. Just like everything else, moderation is vital, and too much can harm you. Signs that you ingested way more than you should’ve are vomiting, nausea, and an entryway to a bad trip.

Getting Magic Mushrooms in Toronto is Made Possible Here

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